Tips for Beard Hygiene

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1. Wash it

As a Melbourne Rat Removal your facial hair will become filthy from time to time. If left untreated, the build up of everyday grit and naturally occurring skin oil (sebum) can wreak havoc on the skin beneath your beard, possibly resulting in skin irritation or a break out of spots. That is why the first and most important tip for a wholesome beard would be to wash it!

To start your beard cleanse, it is important to wash it with water. Cold water may not be the ideal choice, as tends to decrease the effectiveness of your beard clean. Like Goldilocks, the ideal temperature is in the center. Lukewarm water enhances blood flow and opens pores, ensuring that each and every wash is effective.

These cleansers are too powerful and have a tendency to strip your beard of its natural oils and awesomeness. Consider using a gentle soap, cleanser or beard wash instead. They are designed to wash and keep your fuzz, while energizing the skin under your beard.

2. Moisturise it

Harsh weather conditions have a tendency to empty natural oils from the face, resulting in split and dry ended beard hairs. Obviously you can use natural oils also. For example coconut oil is known widely for its ability to moisturise and nourish skin and hair.

Professional tip: Did you understand beard balm is also an exceptional way to moisturise and nourish your beard. Premium quality balms contain some of the finest natural ingredients around such as coconut oil, Shea butter and vitamin E. These ingredients are included to not only nourish those facial pores and also nourish the skin but also tame stray hairs and form your beard.

3. Trim it

Grooming and maintenance may not be something but it helps tame those split ends..and girls dig it.

This can allow you to get a better length quote. Also comb or brush your beard every day to help disperse any beard oils untangle and eliminate any unexpected crumbs.

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